I Amazônia, Your Amazônia

by C. Cornell Evers in I Amazônia, Your Amazônia

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?”
asked the Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn in 1988 on ‘Big
Circumstance’, an album with which he wanted to attract attention for
the destruction the last great natural areas were threatened with and
the consequences thereof for the ecological balance on earth.

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?

Anybody hear the forest fall?”


The world is in crisis. The climate is changing. The South American
Amazon region plays an important role in the debate about CO2 emissions
and global warming.

Conserving the tropical rainforest in the Amazon concerns us all, but
firstly the local population. It is their land, is their reaction to
the interference of the rest of the world in their internal affairs. If
the world wants something with this area, they will have to be listened
to, the indigenous peoples and all the millions of others that live and
work in the cities and along the rivers. Journalists, photographers,
scientists and artists from the Amazon make their voices heard under the
heading I Amazônia. “Orgulho de ser Amazonense” – “Proud to be an inhabitant of Amazônia”, is what is said in the Brazilian Amazon.

I Amazônia is the initiative
of the Dutch couple Anneke Nolet & Cornell Evers, active in the
Amazon for 25 years. Among their partners are internationally known
photographers such as Raphael Alves, Alberto César Araújo and World
Press Photo winner (2009, first prize general news) Luiz Vasconcelos. Together they report from Manaus,
the capital of the
Brazilian Amazon state Amazonas, with stories, photos and
articles about the Amazon and its inhabitants.

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